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East Kilbride Rotary Club
On Thursday 15th March two teams from Duncanrig Secondary School  accompanied with teacher Jo Whiteford  made the short journey from the school to the Red Deer Centre to take part in the East Kilbride Rotary Club's "Youth Speaks" competition.

The East Kilbride Speakers Club assisted in providing the venue and judges for the event which was held on the same night as their fortnightly meeting. Peter Kerr of the Speakers Club opened the meeting introducing Chris Smyth as the Chair for the evening.
Chris conducted the Club's general business, prior to introducing the three judges for the competition, Club President Isobel Dunlop, Harvey Littlejohn and Alex Rintoul.

Each team consists of 3 members, the Chair, Speaker and Vote of Thanks with Team 1, S3/S4 pupils being first to the lectern.
Holly Shields introduced the team, announced the topic, "The Deep Blue Sea" and then asked Speaker Lindsay Denholm to deliver her speech. Lindsay explored the origin of the phrase "Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea"  and took us on a journey through sea faring folklore, Greek Mythology introducing the audience to Odysseus and finally Hebrew history to seek answers to solving some big moral questions. A deep thought provoking and philosophical speech. The vote of thanks was given by Greg Hughes.

Team 2 from Duncanrig was Lucy Coyle, Amy cook and Sarah Johnston Chair person Lucy lead off by introducing the team and the team's topic "Are Celebrities good Role Models"

At the end of the meeting President Isobel commented on the depth of talent in each team, the well researched subjects and how well the teacher from Duncanrig, Jo Whiteford, had coached and trained the pupils.

President Isobel, on behalf of the Rotary Club, presented each team member with a certificate before announcing
the winning team of S3/S4, Holly, Lindsay and Greg.
A Rotary Speakers club trophy was presented to the team and it is hoped they will be back next year to defend
their  prize.
Prior to the conclusion to the proceedings President Leslie Irvine thanked everyone who gave of their time to participate in the evenings events and hoped that we would see a continuation of the competition in future years.

Leslie Irvine