Fairy Nuff
East Kilbride Rotary Club
Is the total number of coins that you have dropped into the Wishing Well since it opened just over seven years ago.
This fantastic generosity has helped us raise 8,700, which has been used to make fifty six donations to East Kilbride charities and youth organisations. Many thanks for your support; and please continue donating.
Rotary International works and provides help within many communities in over 200 countries, and East Kilbride Rotarians are committed to this service within this town.

WISHING WELL 2014-2015

Donations to the Well during the Rotary Year 2014-15 totalled 1,367.87, which was 15% up on the previous year, and the largest total since its opening year of 2007-08. This also took the total raised to 30th June to 10,055.22, or 164,519 coins. Two thirds of this total number were 1p and 2p coins, a testament to the number of boys and girls who regularly donate their "pennies"
A 10,000 target was reached on 19 June, just eight years and one day since its official opening. The coins that took the total past the 10,000 mark were donated by two and half year old Ollie Freeman Ferguson, a regular Well contributor, and he, along with his Gran, were given presentation gifts to celebrate the occasion.
A total of 1,300 was disbursed during the year to seven groups working in East Kilbride, and one resident of the town. (See photos of some of the recipients being presented with their cheques at the Well.)