Above we have a few pictures of the East Kilbride visit by Ballerup in 2012 visit
The attached history is an attempt to record the success of our Twinning Link with the Rotary Club of Ballerup in Denmark I would like to thank all of those Rotarians who provided information and  photographs that enabled this to be recorded. Without their help the task could not have been  successful.

The Twinning Link was first spoken about in 1966 when Rotarian Gordon McNay the then 'Town Clerk' of East Kilbride District Council and Secretary of East Kilbride Rotary Club who established a Twinning Link between East Kilbride and Ballerup in Denmark.

The first official Twinning between the towns commenced in 1967 when some citizens of Ballerup came to East Kilbride. It was not until several years later that a link between both Rotary Clubs got off the ground then in 1979 under the leadership of President Jimmy Neilson a party of seven Rotarians and their wives made the inaugural trip to Ballerup, staying at the Grand Hotel next to Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. The group consisted of 

President Jimmy & Jackie Neilson, Alan & Jan Jenkinson, John & Cherry Kilpatrick, Robert & Jean McKinnie, Gordon & Margaret McNay, Ian & Becky Macpherson, Joe & Cissie Strang.

Edwin Robertson, Secretary, East Kilbride Rotary Club, February  2003

Pictures of the twinning link taken over the years. This meeting takes place every 2nd year on a home and away basis.  The pictures above are a few of the ones made of the Danish Visit to East Kilbride  in May 2008. The twinning link has blossomed over the years to heights that were never believed possible by the first Rotarians who participated in the link.

There have been so many photographs taken that we will make changes from time to time on this page highlighting the enjoyment recorded by those Rotarians who have been  involved.
East Kilbride Rotary Club