The Wee Grand Match 2008

Following the Christmas Lunch twelve members participated in a wee Grand Match in the Stewartfield Farm. Using one table, six pairs played in two round robin leagues, followed by three games to decide the final standings.
The game for the wooden spoon was between Ben Miloudi/Brian Wood and Barclay Wales/David Brown, and despite Barclay's somewhat extravagant style he and David won 4 -1 leaving Ben and Brian with the blunder broom. The bronze medal play off between John Morning/Frank McLuskey and John Cardno/GeorgeMcGraw was decided by the same score in favour of John and George. Frank's striking style was more than balanced by John, who seemed to find his weight after his fifth pint.
The game for the gold medal was a  tense affair played over an "exhausting" five ends between the all "professional pair" of Ray Porrelli and Jim Moretti (The Italian Mob) and  Leslie Irvine and Andrew Ferguson (The Rugby Ruckers). Andrew although appearing in his second consecutive final still retains his amateur status.
The Ruckers went into an early lead and were up 4-1 after three ends and looked in control, but amazingly the Mob pulled it back to 4-4 as Jim, managing to avoid the pick ups which can plague his game, found a rare streak of form.
The play off end was dramatically close with control of the head changing from shot to shot, but an attempted final stone draw by Andrew wrecked on a guard and the Mob were triumphant by two shots, winning 6-4.
Afterwards, in the post match conference, Jim revealed that he had been having problems with his weight all afternoon (he normally drinks half pints), and the final was the only game in which he played well - according to Ray never a truer word was spoken.
Final Rankings:
Gold Medal - Ray Porrelli & Jim Moretti
Silver Medal - Leslie Irvine & Andrew Ferguson
Bronze Medal - John Cardno & George McGraw
Fourth Place - John Morning & Frank McLuskey
Fifth Place - David Brown & Barclay Wales
Blunder Broom - Ben Miloudi & Brian Wood

This is the third year of our clubs "Wee Grand Match" that is held on our last meeting of the year this competition was introduced into the club by Rotarian George McGraw
East Kilbride Rotary Club
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The Wee Grand Match 2009

Seven teams took part in a round robin event, which was a bit of a marathon. At the end of this, "surprisingly" the leaders were Brian Wood and John Cardno with five wins. There was a tie for second place between George McGraw / John McCafferty and Frank McLuskey and Andrew Ferguson with four wins each. and in the play off for the final Frank and Andrew were clear winners.
At the bottom of the table was the stylish pairing of dapper George Gunn and Jack Blackwood with one win and a draw.
The Final was played over four close fought ends with only a single shot recorded at each end, but "surprisingly" Brian and John won three of these to record a 3-1 victory.

The left picture lets you see the amount of concentration that John Cardno has to put into the game. Whilst on the right we have the suave debonair George Gunn showing how easy it is!!!
The overall winners were Brian Wood & John Cardno which is bottom left picture and on the right we have all the participants
The Wee Grand Match 2010

No information to hand re the match although it did take place
The Wee Grand Match 2011

There were 14 competitors, including Ben Miloudi. Pool winners - newcomer Archie King & John Cardno ; Jack Blackwood & Andrew Ferguson.
Overall Winners: Jack & Andrew.
Missing from group photo are Jim Anderson & John McKie - early leavers!
Surplus cash from from the Kitty went to Rotary Internationals Polio Plus