The Ruth Memorial Orphanage (First report Report 2008)

A friend of one of our members was travelling through Uganda on their way to Burindi.  They had employed a young Ugandan Guide called Emmanuel during their trip and were due to pass fairly close to his home town.  As he didn’t get many opportunities to visit his family it was suggested that they could make a detour to call to see them.  This resulted in them meeting his father, Mr Ephraim Tumwesiaye, a dedicated teacher approaching retirement age. 
Emmanuel’s Mother, Ruth, who was also a Teacher, had died a few years previously.  Ruth had a great love of children and especially orphans of which there are only to many of in Africa.  After her death, Ephraim started a School/Orphanage in her memory called “The Ruth Memorial Orphanage Nursery”.  This has had a significant impact on the children of this area and especially when you consider the resources that he has to hand.

At present the Orphanage is evenly split between boys and girls and caters for 90 children, although the need for this in Uganda it could be 900.   Ephraim has ambitious plans and would like to raise sufficient funds to construct a three classroom school with one office.  The cost today in Uganda would be roughly £13,000.

As a result of this meeting this Orphanage was brought to our attention as a possible worthy project for us to be involved in.  Although this is not a favoured Rotary International Project, it was felt that the commitment and true need of this Orphanage was such that in a pure value for pound spent it would have been remiss of us not to have made some contribution. 

Looking at an extract from their accounts you ask yourself the question what the level of resource buys in comparison with what we can get in the first World is truly mind boggling.  Where could you get a Headmaster to work for £50 a month?

Early in 2006 East Kilbride Rotary Club, through their Council, decided that we would provide this Orphanage with the only thing that we really can give to something like this, that being money, in the sum of £2,000. 

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