100 Prominent Rotarians

The following list reflects the diversity of intellectual, cultural, military,sports, and governmental leaders around the world who have been active or honorary members of Rotary clubs. The list is a selective sampling and by no means complete.

1. Neil Armstrong, Astronaut and first man to walk onthe moon, USA (RC Wapakoneta, Ohio)

2. Ásgeir Ásgeirson, President, Iceland (RC Reykjavík)

3. Eusebio Ayala, President, Paraguay (RC Asuncion)

4. King Baudouin I of Belgium (RC Brussels)

5. Fernando Belaunde Terry,President, Peru (RC Lima)

6. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (RC Amsterdam)

7. Clarence Birdseye, developer of a process for quick freezing food, USA (RC Gloucester, Mass.)

8. Harry A. Blackmun, Supreme Court justice, USA(RC Rochester, Minn.)

9. Frank Borman, astronaut, USA (RC Space Center,Houston, Texas)

10. Sir Norman Brearley, Aviation pioneer, Australia(RC Perth, W.A.)

11. John Briggs, concert pianist, England (RC Bingley)

12. Jose Luis Bustamante y Rivero, president, Peru (RC Arequipa)

13. Richard E. Byrd, admiral and Arctic explorer, USA (RC Winchester, Va.)

14. Josep Ma. Vayreda Canadell, painter, Spain(RC Girona)

15. Alcino Cardoso, Secretary of State, Portugal(RC Porto-Douro)

16. Roger Chapelain-Midy, painter, France (RC Paris)

17. Sir Winston Churchill, Prime Minister, England(RC London and RC Wanstead & Woodford)

18. Max Cointreau, owner of Cointreau liquorenterprises, France (RC Paris)

19. Arthur Holly Compton, Nobel Prize laureate inphysics, USA (RC St. Louis, Mo.)

20. Sir William Deane, Governor general, Australia(RC Sydney, N.S.W.)

21. Michel Debré, Prime Minister, France (RC Amboise)

22. Maurice Denuzière, writer, France(RC Vitry-Sud-Est de Paris)

23. Walt Disney, Animation filmmaker, USA(RC Palm Springs, Calif.)

24. Jorge Fidel Duron, minister of foreign affairs,Honduras (RC Tegucigalpa; past RI director)

25. Thomas A. Edison, Inventor, USA (RC Orange, N.J.)

26. Marcelo B. Fernan, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court,Philippines (RC Cebu West)

27. Prince Frederik of Denmark (RC Copenhagen)

28. J. William Fulbright, Senator, USA (RC Fayetteville,Ark.)

29. Sir Kenneth Fung Ping-Fan, Director of the Bank of East Asia, Ltd., Hong Kong (RC Hong Kong; past RI DG)

30. Sir W. Hudson Fysh, Founder of Qantas Airlines,Australia (RC Sydney)

31. Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Foreign Minister, Germany (RC Bonn Süd-Bad Godesberg)

32. Edgar A. Guest, poet and journalist, USA(RC Detroit, Mich.)

33. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden (RC Stockholm)

34. Lorenzo Guerrero Gutierrez, president, Nicaragua(RC Granada)

35. Warren G. Harding, president, USA (RC Washington, D.C.)

36. Joel Chandler Harris, Author, USA (RC Atlanta, Ga.)

37. Reijiro “Rei” Hattori, Chairman of Seiko, Japan (RC Tokyo Ginza; past RI director)

38. Steingrimur Hermannsson, prime minister, Iceland(RC Reykjavík)

39. Thor Heyerdahl, Explorer and oceanographer,Norway (RC Larvik)

40. Sir Edmund Hillary, Explorer and mountaineer,New Zealand  (RC Auckland)

41. Ko Hirasawa, Anatomist and president of KyotoUniversity, Japan (RC Kyoto East)

42. John F. Kennedy, President, USA (RC Hyannis, Mass.)

43. Abdulla Khalil, Prime Pinister, Sudan (RC Khartoum)

44. Chung Yul Kim, Prime Pinister, Korea (RC Hanyang)
Note: other Prime Pinisters from this club include Duck Woo Nam, Choong Hoon Park, and Chang Soon Yoo

45. Karl Kobelt, President, Swiss Confederation (RC St.Gallen)

46. Chucri Kouatly, President, Syria (RC Damascus)

47. Hans Küng, Theologian, Germany (RC Reutlingen-Tübingen)

48. Sir Harry Lauder, Entertainer, Scotland (RC Glasgow)

49. Jean Leclant, Egyptologist, France (RC Paris)

50. Franz Lehar, Composer, Austria (RC Vienna)

51. Douglas MacArthur, Army General, USA (RCMilwaukee, Wisc.; RC Melbourne, Australia; RC Tokyo, Japan;
and RC Manila, Philippines)

52. Thomas Mann, Novelist and Nobel Prize laureate in literature, Germany (RC Munich)

53. Robert Manuel, %theater director, France (RC Paris)

54. Guglielmo Marconi, inventor and Nobel Prize laureate in physics, Italy (RC Bologna)

55. George C. Marshall, army general and Nobel Prize laureate in peace, USA
(RC Columbus, Ga.; RCSavannah, Ga.; RC Charleston, S.C.; and RCUniontown, Pa.)

56. Jan Masaryk, foreign minister, Czechoslovakia(RC Prague)

57. Konosuke Matsushita, president of MatsushitaElectric Co., Japan (RC Osaka)

58. Dr. Charles H. Mayo, co-founder, Mayo Clinic, USA(RC Rochester, Minn.)

59. Cornelius “Connie Mack” McGillicuddie, baseballmanager and team owner, USA (RC Pennsylvania,Pa.;
RC Fort Meyers, Fla.)

60. Dr. Karl Menninger, psychiatrist and co-founder,Menninger Clinic, USA (RC Topeka, Kan.)

61. Cesare Merzagora, president of the senate, Italy(RC Rome)

62. Toyohiko Mikimoto, Mikimoto Pearl Co., Japan(RC Tokyo)

63. Lennart Nilsson, photographer, Sweden(RC Stockholm)

64. Georges Octors, orchestra conductor, Belgium(RC Bruxelles, Brabant)

65. Raul Sapena Pastor, prime minister, Paraguay(RC Asuncion; past RI district governor)

66. Norman Vincent Peale, clergyman and author, USA(RC New York, N.Y.)

67. Lester Pearson, prime minister, president of UN General Assembly and Nobel Prize laureate in peace,
Canada (RC Ottawa, Ontario)

68. James Cash Penney, founder of JC Penney Co., USA(RC New York, N.Y.)

69. John J. “Blackjack” Pershing, army general, USA(RC St. Louis, Mo.; RC Lincoln, Neb.; and RC San Antonio, Texas)

70. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (RC Edinburgh,Scotland; RC King’s Lynn and RC Windsor & Eton,England)

71. Antoine Pinay, prime minister, France(RC Saint-Etienne)

72. Leopoldo Pirelli, president, Pirelli Tire Co., Italy(RC Milano)

73. Joan Abello Prat, painter, Spain (RC Barcelona Condal)

74. Emilio Pucci, couturier-designer, Italy (RC Florence)

75. Prince Rainier III of Monaco (RC Monaco)

76. James Whitcomb Riley, poet, USA (RC Indianapolis,Ind.)

77. Sigmund Romberg, composer, USA (RC New York, N.Y.)

78. Carlos Romulo, president of UN General Assembly,Philippines (RC Manila; past RI vice president)

79. Franklin D. Roosevelt, president, USA (RC Albany,N.Y.)

80. Wolfgang Schallenberg, secretary general of the ministry of foreign affairs,Austria (RC Paris Ouest,Hts-de-Seine,
France; RC Madrid, Spain; and RC Wien, Austria)

81. Walter Scheel, president, Germany (RC Bonn)

82. Albert Schweitzer, physician, philosopher, and Nobel Prize laureate in peace, Gabon (RC Colmar,
France and RC Passau, Germany)

83. Kiyoshi Seike, architect, Japan (RC Tokyo-Meguro)

84. Donna Shalala, secretary, Health and Human Services,USA (RC Madison, Wisc. and RC Coral Gables, Fla.)

85. Kenjiro Shoda, president, Osaka University, Japan (RC Osaka)

86. Jean Sibelius, composer, Finland (RC Helsinki-Helsingfors)

87. Tris Speaker, baseball player, USA (RC Cleveland,Ohio)

88. Sir Sigmund Sternberg, businessman and philanthropist,England (RC London)

89. Adlai E. Stevenson, ambassador to the United Nations and governor of Illinois, USA (RC Springfield, Ill.)

90. Prince Tsuneyoshi Takeda of Japan (RC Tokyo-North)

91. Margaret Thatcher, prime minister, England(RC Westminster East, Greater London)

92. Claude Vuitton, owner, Vuitton luggage enterprise,France (RC Paris Nord)

93. Charles R. Walgreen Jr., chairman of the Walgreen Drug Co., USA (RC Chicago, Ill.)

94. Earl Warren, chief justice, Supreme Court, USA(RC Sacramento, Calif.)

95. Jack Williamson, science fiction writer, USA(RC Portales, N.M.)

96. Woodrow Wilson, president and Nobel Prize laureatein peace, USA (RC Birmingham, Ala.)

97. Orville Wright, aviation pioneer, USA (RC Dayton, Ohio)

98. Philip Wylie, author and social commentator, USA(RC Middletown, Conn.)

99. Chia-kan “C. K.” Yen, president, Republic ofChina-Taiwan (RC Taipei)

100. Willy Zumblick, painter and sculptor, Brazil(RC Tubarao)
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