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East Kilbride Rotary Club members acted as hosts when they entertained a party of Danish Rotarians from the 17th to the 20th of May.

This event takes place on a home and away basis and has been going on for over thirty three years 

The Twinning Link was first spoken about in 1966 when Rotarian Gordon McNay the then 'Town Clerk' of East Kilbride District Council and Secretary of East Kilbride Rotary Club established a Twinning Link between East Kilbride and Ballerup with the first official twinning between the towns commencing in 1967 when some citizens of Ballerup came to East Kilbride. It was not until several years later that a link between both Rotary Clubs got off the ground when in 1979 under  President Jimmy Neilson and his wife Jackie were accompanied by a  party of 7 Rotarians and their wives and made the clubs inaugural trip to Ballerup staying at the Grand Hotel close by the Tivoli gardens.

The interaction between the two Rotary Clubs has grown stronger each year, bringing together two different cultures who do have a common bond to further international understanding and well being of others before self. Home entertainment and dinner was provided by East Kilbride Rotarians 
The Danes enjoyed seeing the surrounding area doing a little shopping and being entertained. Highlight of their trip was their attendance at the East Kilbride May Ball held at the Bruce hotel and organised by Douglas Douglas to raise cash for the British Heart Foundation, where they and others helped to raise a sum in excess of £2000.

Press Release  04/04/12
Last year our club made a cash donation towards a trip to South Africa for pupils of Calderglen High School. Four of the pupils taking part came along on the 4th of May 2012 and spoke to the Club of their experiences whilst on the trip. Jacob Kent, Jamie Lyon, Uzair Khalid and his twin Brother Umair all gave an excellent report on the schools participation covering interesting points of the trip, such as their trip to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated for 17 years and they learned how Nelson Mandela managed to break down barriers in South Africa.                                                                                                                                                                                                        
They were made to appreciate the British educational system after finding out how the educational system worked in the Capetown area where they were visiting in South Africa. They found interaction between themselves and other schools from other countries a very satisfying project. Discipline in the educational system was one which was not spoken about in great detail suffice to say it was much more physical in South Africa!!! Pupils were accompanied by their Depute Head June Waters. Rotarian Archie King gave the vote of thanks on behalf of his fellow Rotarians

The annual general meeting of the club was held recently and the following members were elected to serve the club over the next Rotary Year 2012-2013

President:-  Jack Blackwood,  President Elect:-  David Brown Vice President:- Archie King, Secretary:- To be appointed Treasurer:- Ian Craig Immediate Past President:- Leslie Irvine

Board Members:- 2nd term  John Cardno, Frank McLuskey, 1st term Ray Porrelli. Liam Donnelly,Auditors:- John Murphy, Barry Wood , Sergeant at Arms:- Ian Macpherson, Service Projects:- David Brown,

Publicity & Club Historian:- Edwin Robertson, Sports Officer:- Jim Moretti, Rotary Foundation:- Officer Roddy Shanks, Attendance Officer:- Andrew Ferguson, Health & Safety:- Roddy Shanks, Membership:-  Jim Moretti,
Protection Officers:- Roddy Shanks, Youth Exchange:- Frank McLuskey, Speaker Group:-  George Gunn, Ian Macpherson, Ian Wiseman

Press Release 27/04/12
Steven Melville came along to the club on the 20th of April 2012 and held the members spell bound by the way he started off with his first month's rent of £560 being paid by his father when he started up his business. The whole philosophy with his business is to look out into the big world and see what is needed then develop the product and implement it out into the business world.
Educated at St Brides school East Kilbride where he left at the age of 16 and started his career as a butcher he soon discovered that this was not his forte. However knowing that he was good with numbers his business acumen led him into doing business payrolls for large companies. He is a strong believer putting back into society part of his profits and through this he has strong connexions in Malawi and the Celtic benevolent fund. Liam Donnelly gave an excellent vote of thanks to Steven for giving the members a superbe lunch time talk.

Rotary Ramble
On Sunday 22nd April, members and friends of East Kilbride Rotary Club took to the hills. Under an overcast sky the party of 12 set off down the M74, ending up in the country town of Biggar. The walk set off from nearby the Gas Museum in Biggar under blue skies and sunshine, and followed farm tracks and the margins of fields, finally after a few miles joining one of the many country lanes which eventually ended up bringing the group back to the centre of Biggar. The sun continued to shine for most of the way and the walkers were entranced by the many hundreds of lambs in the adjoining fields. The day was rounded off with a most enjoyable refreshment and lunch in the nearby Cornhill Hotel.

Press Release03/04/12
Greig Hughes, Holly Shields, Lindsey Denholm from Duncanrig Secondary accompanied by their  teachers Georgina Scott &Jo Whiteford were the invited guests on Friday the 30th of march at East Kilbride Rotary Clubs lunch where after their meal they performed their winning  speech  "The Deep Blue Sea" to those Rotarians present all in another fine oration by these young pupils from Duncanrig

Press Release23/03/12
East Kilbride Rotary Club members have enjoyed their last two speakers who have came along to the club

What an excellent journey Alan Cuthbertson managed to take East Kilbride Rotarians off on an epic trip when he spoke to them at the clubs  last evening meeting. Alan made this trip with another 5 people  and managed to raise a considerable amount of money for Charity. The trip took him to Africa where he trekked to the top of Kilimanjaro. this journey took them 6 days to reach the top from their base camp with many a story on route  Some excellent What an excellent journey Alan Cuthbertson managed to take East Kilbride Rotarians on an epic trip when he spoke to them at the clubs  last evening meeting Alan made this trip with another 5 people  and managed to raise a considerable amount of money for Charity. The trip took him to Africa to trek to the top of Kilimanjaro this journey took them 6 days to reach the top from their base camp with many the talk contained some excellent pictures were shown. Statistically there I are up to 30,000 individual trips made between Oct and March and many of these would be climbers never reach the top for various reasons such as not being basically fit enough or they develop altitude sickness break bones on the way up. all in all a great talk the vote of thanks on behalf came from Past President Frank McLuskey. Personnel  from Social Services Jackie McDonald Moira Bell plus Carol McLean from Chepescate came along to sincerely thank the club for the ongoing support that has been given by Rotarians towards the Christmas Toys for Kids appeal. Rotarians were surprised to hear the number of children who benefited from their contributions 

George Parsonage paid a return visit to the Club with another member of the Glasgow Humane society Namely Toni Coia and between them they updated Rotarians about the work that was being done by the Glasgow humane society
President Leslie Irvine took pleasure in presenting George with a cheque to the value of £450.00 to help with the work being done by the group. Past Club President Edwin Robertson proposed the Vote of Thanks on behalf of those Rotarians present

On Thursday 15Th March two teams from Duncanrig High School accompanied with teacher Jo Whiteford  made the short journey from the school to the Red Deer Centre to take part in the East Kilbride Rotary Club's
"Youth Speaks" competition.

The East Kilbride Speakers Club assisted in providing the venue and judges for the event which was held on the same night as their fortnightly meeting.

Peter Kerr of the Speakers Club opened the meeting introducing Chris Smyth as the Chair for the evening.
Chris conducted the Club's general business, prior to introducing the three judges for the competition, Club President Isobel Dunlop, Harvey Littlejohn and Alex Rintoul.

Each team consists of 3 members, the Chair, Speaker and Vote of Thanks with Team 1, S3/S4 pupils being first to the lectern.
Holly Shields introduced the team, announced the topic, "The Deep Blue Sea" and then asked Speaker Lindsay Denholm to deliver her speech. Lindsay explored the origin of the phrase "Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea"  and took us on a journey through sea faring folklore, Greek Mythology introducing the audience to Odysseus and finally Hebrew history to seek answers to solving some big moral questions. A deep thought provoking and philosophical speech. The vote of thanks was given by Greg Hughes.

Team 2 from Duncanrig was Lucy Coyle, Amy cook and Sarah Johnston

Chair person Lucy lead off by introducing the team and the team's topic "Are Celebrities good Role Models"

Amy Cook entertained us with her well researched and enthralling assessment of celebrity culture. Using
Examples of Justin Beiber and Lady Gaga, she argued that those in the public eye have a responsibility to be
positive role models for their fans. With many examples of good work done by these celebrities she managed to
win over many of the listeners to her views that they are good role models.
Concluding the team's presentation Sarah gave the vote of thanks.

The meeting then continued with the Speakers club routine speeches and topic s.

At the end of the meeting President Isobel commented on the depth of talent in each team, the well researched
subjects and how well the teacher from Duncanrig, Jo Whiteford, had coached and trained the pupils.

President Isobel, on behalf of the Rotary Club, presented each team member with a certificate before announcing
the winning team of S3/S4, Holly, Lindsay and Greg.
A Rotary Speakers club trophy was presented to the team and it is hoped they will be back next year to defend
their  prize.
Prior to the conclusion to the proceedings President Leslie Irvine thanked everyone who gave of their time to participate in the evenings events and hoped that we would see a continuation of the competition in future years.

Press Release29/01/12
As by tradition East Kilbride Rotary Club held their annual Burns lunch on  Friday the 27th of January 2012,  President Leslie Irvine and members welcomed the haggis as it was piped in by Club member and Past President Roddy Shanks the Haggis was carried in by the chef of the Stewartfield farm. Past President Edwin Robertson gave the address to the Haggis followed by the members partaking of the traditional Cock O' Leekie soup and Haggis & Neeps. Past President Ian Macpherson gave a short introduction of salient points relating to Robert Burns that was successfully  followed by his rendering of Tam O'Shanter, Vote of thanks was provided by President Leslie Irvine

Press Release21/01/12
On the 20th Jan 2012 Two representatives from Forrest House came along to speak to the Club namely George Wills who is the Chairman of the board for Forrest House and their Manager Toni McElhill, after a brief introduction from George, Toni took over and gave a precise résumé of the work being done by Forrest House with Cerebral Palsy. There plans for the future have been hit severely by the current cut backs especially when it comes to development of their premises. It is hoped to convert an existing large lounge into another room that will cater for care for clients not necessarily a cerebral palsy person but someone with similar symptoms. A number of years ago the need for this type of project committed 5 Rotary Clubs in the Glasgow area to become involved, with this participation the project took off. The situation now is funding is once again needed for development and it is hoped that once again Rotary Clubs may find some way to help, as the home has no boundaries with respect of their clients. 
Forrest House, is a small high quality residential unit for 7 adults with cerebral palsy. The service here is designed to allow the residents to have every chance to live as they would at home. They have their own en-suite facilities plus a lounge/quiet room, a bright sunny "conservatory" style day room, and aromatherapy room. Dining is arranged to suit individual dietary needs. Each resident has access to transport and every day they may decide to spend some time out of the house, whether they are at college, at the cinema or theatre, or on a day trip. On Sunday those who wish can attend their own church and holidays at home and abroad are arranged to meet individual interests. Family members and other visitors are welcome at any time.
Shawlands Flats, two purpose built modern flats providing supported living for 3 adults in their own homes. The same approach is taken as for Forrest House to ensure that all three residents are able to live as normal a life as possible.
We are currently full but a waiting list is open and you are welcome to them at 0141 423 0395

East Kilbride Rotary Club would like to thank everyone who responded to their appeal for second hand bicycles over the last few months.  The response from East Kilbride News readers was amazing with over 60 bikes being donated.  The bikes collected are now on their way to Africa where local charities in Ghana and Malawi will distribute them to families in rural communities. The bikes will help get children to school and Dads to work.  The charities involved were keen to point out the significant difference the bikes will make to the families who are lucky enough to receive them.  Transport links are non-existent in many rural areas and if you want to go somewhere you walk!  These bikes will make such a difference to their lives.
Well done East Kilbride, and thanks again.

Press Release15/01/12
The most up to date information was forth coming on Friday the 13th of January 2012 when representative Stewart Glen from East Kilbride Hospice came along to speak to East Kilbride Rotary Club Rotarians.
Stewart truly highlighted how near they were to submitting the final plans to the council for approval for the towns New Hospice, so much so that it is hoped that the plans will be completed and signed sometime within the next 10 days.
It is in the long term plans that there will be a ten bed unit but of course not initially. From now on and into the future fund raising would play an extremely important part in seeing the ongoing operation of the hospice to be built on the grounds of Hairmyres hospital.

Press Release 17/12/11
"Roastcosy" has came to east Kilbride and its secret revealed to East Kilbride Rotary Club members when their  invited speaker Helen Waterstone who hails from Lanarkshire came along as the clubs guest. Helen in a relaxed mode and accompanied by her husband Eric who himself is a Rotarian at Bothwell Rotary Club.

Helen who is the sole inventor of this new product known as the "Roastcosy" took time to explain how she progressed with getting funding to get the product on the market and especially how she had been invited to participate in the TV programme Dragon's Den. The whole concept of her product is to significantly reduce the use of aluminium foil when roasting as it allows the turkey, hen, meat to rest without losing heat and that gives excellent results for crisping and browning. Rotarians present were immensely impressed by the talk and were more than delighted when Helen expressed her deep desire that the product be manufactured preferably Lanarkshire if not Scotland. Past President Jim Moretti gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the members.  

After the enjoyment of their speaker Helen Waterstone Rotarians Archie King, Tom Wilson, George McGraw, David Brown & Jim Moretti were off to purchase and prepare presents to be sent to Santa for the Toys for Kids Appeal this has been another great effort by the club to raise sufficient funding to keep this event ongoing from one year to the next.  Ward 15 at Hairmyres hospital was the next meeting place of the week when some club members  namely Jim Anderson, George McGraw, David Brown, Ray Porrelli, Jim Moretti, Brian Wood and Archie King paid their annual visit to put up the Christmas decorations something that the club have been doing for a number of years.

Toys For Kids Report 2011
We have now purchased all the toys and delivered them to the social work department.
As  a Rotary Club we would like to thank all the Rotarians who gave their energies to fulfil the task namely Jim Moretti and daughter Linda, Tom Wilson, David Brown, George McGraw and Archie King did a great job picking the appropriate gifts for each age group.  On the day, we purchased gifts for 410 children aged from 1month to 16years.
312 gifts were purchased from Clyde Imports and as in the past they were a great help. The remaining 98 gifts were purchased from Boots at the Kingsgate East Kilbride our thanks is extended to   Carol MacLennan from Chesapeke who came along to Boots to give us a helping hand.

The ladies at the social Work Dept Jackie Macdonald and Moira Bell were delighted, at the array of gifts.

Rotarians were a bit apprehensive due to the fact that the amount of gifts had risen from 360 last year to 410.
Funding for this amount was doubt, as to our finances stretching to this but thanks to the generosity of the staff at Chesapeke who donated £1,800.00 and the wonderful support of Non Rotarians at the Clubs Quiz night plus the golfers who supported our AM/AM golf tournament  we were able to find sufficient funding that allowed us to buy all the gifts plus make a donation to East Kilbride Dementia Care group to the amount of £3000 that was presented to Brian Doig on the 16th of Dec.  all of this was a satisfactory run up to the festive season during which may all readers have a glorious festive season with good will to all

Press Release 28/11/11

President Leslie Irvine welcomed to the clubs luncheon pupils from the towns High Schools where they met Rotarians who may be able to give them further advice on how to go about obtaining the necessary qualifications with regards to their chosen careers
Calderglen were represented by Joan Miller (Medicine) Mark Ripley (Mechanical Engineering),
Christopher Jordan  (Mechanical Engineering), Cara Simpson  (English/Politics)   Teacher   Mrs Julie-Ann Clark
Duncanrig were represented by Scott Miller (Medicine), Ainsley Douglas  (Accountancy), Cameron Gibson (Law) Lauren Gilmour, (Law)    Teacher   Patricia Carol
St Andrew's & St Bride's Katie Reid (Law/Spanish) Ross McGregor  (Law)  Laura Fusi  (Science) Ryan Howard  (Law) Teacher  Douglas Cosgrove

The captains of each school introduced themselves and their fellow students to the Rotarians giving an insight into their plans for their chosen careers

Press Release 28/11/11

On the 25th of November East Kilbride Rotary Club held another highly successful annual dance with numbers attending up on last year, all in all 87 Rotarians and friends danced the night away at the Holiday Inn East Kilbride. After a highly successful meal those present were entertained by Calderglen High School Jazz band and singers as they were last year for 30mins. They were treated to an excellent selection of jazz. Following that, those present danced the night away to the music of Beethoven. The raffle held during the evening raised £400 that was going to the Glasgow Humane Society.
Over and above the club's annual dance Past President Jim Moretti with other fellow Rotarians held another quiz night to raise funds for the local Toys for Kids, deep appreciation from the club members must be extended to East Kilbride Golf Club at Nerston who once again gave their premises that enabled the event to be held.
Participating teams were up from last year in that 29 teams entered many of them from outwith Rotary. This to Rotarians is magic in that other people out in the community come forward to do good for others.   Donations of prizes and other items were numerous from various local people to the extent that costs were kept to an absolute minimum resulting in a total sum of £1210 being raised to bolster the Toys for kids appeal.  

Press Release 30/09/11

East Kilbride Rotary Club have agreed to give their support to their district charity appeal by supporting "Bikes 4 Africa"

If any East Kilbride News readers have a bicycle gathering dust in the shed or garage after the good intention of keeping fit bit the dust?
If so East Kilbride Rotary Club would like you to donate them to communities in Africa where they can be used by children to get to school or adults to get to work.

The bikes must be in reasonable condition and be complete with wheels, saddle, brakes, pedals etc It doesn't matter if the bike is in need of repair as they will be serviced, repaired before being shipped over to Africa.
The Bike(or Bikes) will be uplifted by members of the Rotary Club. Please if you can help phone Roddy Shanks on 012355 232466 and he will take it from there. If you are able to make a small donation to help to cover transport costs that would be appreciated but please do not let that stop you getting in touch as the bike donation is the most important requirement.

Our final speaker for the month of September was a fellow Rotarian, Harry Marsh from Bothwell Rotary Club,  who on the 30th of the month spoke to the club on the successful  Bothwell Scarecrow festival, held recently  he explained where the  idea had came from and how after a doubts cast by some of the community  the whole event was taken on successfully by the community. As a result of this success a over 300 scarecrows were built in all shapes & sizes concerts were held and a true community spirit evolved hopefully next year there will be an even larger participation thus helping Bothwell to get on the tourist map. The event raised over £ 6000 for charity. picture shows Harry Marsh with East Kilbride President Elect Jack Blackwood who was acting for our indisposed President Leslie Irvine

Press Release 18/09/11
East Kilbride Rotarians enjoyed a tireless cycle run from Lands End to John O' Groat's on Friday the 23rd of September at their lunch time meeting  when their visiting speaker spoke to them of his epic charity cycle run from one end of the country to the other, in aid of two particular wards at Hairmyres hospital. Ian Wilson who spoke to the club as a way of saying thank you for their sponsorship of the trip gave a very relaxed and informative talk  plus photographs on the whole trip, that in no way left the Rotarians tired after their journey! Ian successfully answered questions with bit of humour that was very much appreciated Rotarian George McGraw gave a very appreciative vote of thanks on behalf of those present.

The final Pigeon race has now been completed and as a result of the 6 races held over the past weeks £600 has been brought into the clubs Polio Plus benevolent fund the club have been indebted to the members for donating the weekly prizes with a big extra thank you to past president Ian Macpherson presenting the prizes each week East Kilbride Rotarians enjoyed a tireless cycle run from Lands end to John O' Groat's on Friday the 23rd of September at lunch time meeting  when their visiting speaker spoke to them of his epic charity cycle run from one end of the country to the other in aid of two particular wards at Hairmyres hospital. Ian Wilson who spoke to the club and gave a very relaxed and informative talk  plus photographs on the whole trip that in no way left the Rotarians tired after their journey! Ian successfully answered questions with bit of humour that was very much appreciated Rotarian George McGraw gave a very appreciative vote of thanks on behalf of those present.

Friday the 7th of October is the Rotarians next big day, this time they will be organising their AA/AA Golf competition at East Kilbride Golf Club. 28 teams will be participating. If readers of the East Kilbride news can come along and give some support they will I a sure be made welcome. Contact Jim Morretti at 07947 250 228  or John cardno 07850 410 958 for more information. 

Press Release 18/09/11
Rotarian George Ferguson gave an extremely interesting talk to his fellow Rotarians the on the lead up to and the actual incidents that occurred at the Battle of May Island which is the name given to the series of accidents that occurred during Operation E.C.1 in 1918. Named after the Isle of May, an island in the Firth of Forth, close by, it was a disastrous series of accidents amongst Royal Navy ships on their way from Rosyth in Scotland to fleet exercises in the North Sea. On the misty night of 31 January to 1 February 1918, five collisions occurred, involving eight different vessels. Two submarines of the K class  were lost and three other submarines and a light cruiser were damaged. 270 men died,[1] all of the Royal Navy. Although it took place during the First World War it was an entirely accidental tragedy and no enemy forces were present. It was therefore not a Battle and was only referred to as such with black humour. George was thanked by Fellow Rotarian and past President Ray Porrelli
So far this year the club have maintained their efforts to pay visits to other Clubs, to date 8 clubs have been visited by our members, which included Kittoch, Ardrossan /Saltcoats, Paris Nord, Dingwall, Eastwood, Glasgow, Erskine and Gryffe Valley
The Clubs penultimate pigeon race was completed last week when the birds were released from Otterburn a distance of 80 miles away, the winner seen Eddie Robertson pick up the first prize with the Minor prizes going to Lynda  Ferguson, Brian Wood, Roddy Shanks, Ian Wiseman and Leslie Irvine

Press Release 10/09/11
Our first invited speaker for the new Rotary Year was our own member of parliament Michael McCann, who on the 9th of September  came along to  our lunch time meeting, unfortunately we had a rather poor turnout,  but undaunted our speaker gave a very good impression of his initial entrance into Westminster where he reported to Port Culis house on the embankment to be given his first documentation and necessary instructions to enter into the great Westminster hall. Describing to us his Maiden speech and how to date he has made 40 contributions to debates held in the house. Of course there were various anecdotal comments during his talk that went down well with those Rotarians present. Vote of thanks was given by Rotarian John Murphy

The Clubs AM/AM is looming up with the venue being East Kilbride Golf Club at Nerston on Friday the 7th of October. A full complement of 24 teams have entered and all forms of sponsorship have been put in place from each hole being sponsored to a prize for the longest drive at a particular hole further information is available from Jim Moretti at 07947 250 228 or John Cardno at 07850 410 958. Principle charities being supported are Toys for Kids In the Local area and Pine Crescent Dementia Care Group

Press Release 29/08/11
With two more pigeon Races to go members were patiently waiting on the results for this week which saw the first prize going to Douglas Douglas, with the other prizes going to John Murphy, Douglas Kilpatrick, Barclay Wales, John Cardno and Linda Ferguson, Henry Doig picked up the Booby prize when his pigeon romped home three days after the race finished.
President Leslie Irvine and Past President Henry Doig made a visit to Kittoch Rotary Club on Tuesday and were warmly welcomed by the members of Kittoch.
During this week's meeting the club discussed membership and how they would be getting out into the community in an attempt to reach citizens to seek membership of their local Rotary Club. Past Presidents Roddy Shanks and Jim Moretti are leading the club's membership committee and with two meetings behind them their suggestions on how to reach new members have been broadly accepted by the club membership, these will be introduced over the next few months.
What is it like to be a Rotarian? well firstly it is "Service before Self" How would you to help your local community?  Joining your local Rotary club will give you the ideal opportunity to do this. You can get involved in managing events; support local charities, work with young people, organise disaster relief, even help to eradicate disease worldwide.
Not only will you experience an enormous sense of achievement, you will also learn valuable new skills, have lots of fun and make plenty of new friends and business contacts. Rotary can use your energy and professional skills to make real difference to the lives of others. Visit our web site at ekrotary.com or contact us at  membership@ekrotary.co.uk

Press Release 21/08/11
On the 19th of August 2011 accompanied by Club President Leslie Irvine, Past President Roddy Shanks had the distinct pleasure of handing a cheque to the value of £2250 to Darren Miller of the MS (Scotland) charity.
This MS Charity was the favoured charity of President Roddy Shanks, club members and friends showed their support in the amount that was gathered over his Rotary year.
Darren spoke to the club highlighting the developments and research that is currently going on with regards to MS and that the outlook was more than positive. He touched on the possible development utilizing stem cells in the treatment of Multiple Scleroses although he did not develop this content of his little talk further as at this point in time there was nothing he could report.

The Clubs "Doo race" was won this week by secretary John McKie and the minor prizes picked up by Henry Doig, Ian Wiseman, George McGraw and Tom Wilson with the booby going to Ian Craig. The booby prize winner was well compensated by picking up the major weekly roll over that had been running for forty two weeks this amounted to a fair sum, so well done Ian

The Rhu Trophy was played for at Cathkin Golf course on Thursday 18th Aug 2011 when the following players competed Liam Donnelly, Ian Wiseman, Ian Macpherson, George McGraw, Jim Moretti, George Gunn and Andrew Ferguson  in a Stableford when poor weather conditions were prevalent, the competition was won by Jim Moretti with a score of 36 and our runner up this year was Liam Donnelly with a score of 34

Press Release 15/08/11
Various activities are being lined up by the Rotarians of  East Kilbride Rotary Club as they slowly build up their programme for the Rotary Year that has just started. This week sees their own internal Golf competition known as the Rhu Trophy being played on the East Kilbride Golf Club at Nerston on the 18th of August. The trophy was presented to the Club by Rotarian John Sergeant (Solicitor) back in 1968 and is played for annually. The first winner of the trophy was Jimmy Taylor who still at the age of 93 manages to participate in a game of golf and there has been seventeen other names added to it over the years so let's hope they get some good weather to participate. 

The club are in the process of putting everything in place to run an AM/AM golf tournament at  East Kilbride golf course on the7th of October 2011 the event is being held in an attempt to raise funds for two East Kilbride Charities namely, East Kilbride District Dementia Carers Group who operate out of Pine Crescent  and for  this year's Toys for Kids appeal. The club are trying to get 25 teams of four players to participate, so for any of the golfing fraternity out there who wish to participate and at the same time support their local charities please contact Jim Moretti at 07947 250 228 or John Cardno at 07850 410 958 and they will give you further information.

We were entertained by one of our own long standing members on the 12th of August 2011 namely Rotarian George Gunn. George had been democratically chosen!!! the previous week to be our waffler at lunch time, when he got to his feet to deliver his waffle, his first words were that his least favourite thing to do was speak in public but as he was amongst friends he would have a go.
One of the stories that George told was when a friend had invited a large number of other friends over to Majorca for a celebratory weekend, well our waffler couldn't hold back his laughter as he told his tale and his fellow Rotarians were in same state. There is no way I could put to print the content of his waffle that would describe the success of his short talk suffice to say "Well Done George". 

On the Charity side of things the Club once again are running over the next few weeks their  annual Doo's race where members pay for the allocation of a pigeon that races over the next few weeks. All monies collected are allocated for charity work. This week the winner was our Club President Leslie Irvine, other minor prize winners were A Jenkinson, G. Ferguson, J McKie, G. Gunn and A. Ferguson with the booby going to T.Wilson    

Press Release 1/08/11
East Kilbride Rotary Club were represented along with others at Erskine Rotary Club when the RIBI President Ray Burman visited Rotary District 1230. The RIBI President used the occasion to highlight the achievements of Rotary International and praise the contribution  that District 1230 members have and are making towards the success of Rotary International programmes both in the international programmes and in each Club's local community work.

The picture Left to Right shows Leslie Irvine President of East Kilbride, John Tuck, President of Gryffe Valley Rotary Club and RIBI President Ray Burman President of RIBI.

Press Release 31/07/11
East Kilbride Rotary Club were represented along with others at Erskine Rotary Club when the RIBI President Ray Burman visited Rotary District 1230. The RIBI President used the occasion to highlight the achievements of Rotary International and praise the contribution  that District 1230 members have and are making towards the success of Rotary International programmes both in the international programmes and each Club's local community work.

The picture Left to Right shows Leslie Irvine President of East Kilbride, John Tuck, President of Gryffe Valley Rotary Club and RIBI President Ray Burman President of RIBI.

Members of East Kilbride Rotary Club have started the ball rolling in their efforts to run a Golf tournament in the town in an effort to raise much needed money for two deserving causes in the town. The event will take place on the 7th of October and will be in the form of an AM/AM tournament.

Any budding golf enthusiasts who can enter a team of four at a cost of £160 and wish to support the event whilst at the same time contribute to the well being of others in the community can get further information by contacting  Jim Moretti on his mobile 07947 250 228

Press Release 16/07/11
On the 15th of July 2011 (otherwise known as "The Glesga" Fair Friday), Rotarian  Club President Leslie Irvine welcomed  Rotary District 1230 Governor Roberta Gaitan to the East Kilbride Club at the beginning of the new Rotary Year, to give her message from the Rotary International President, Kalyan Banerjee. Roberta was  indeed complimentary to East Kilbride members for the enthusiastic way they approached their goal of "Service before Self" plus the high standard of the Clubs Website and hoped that this approach would continue into the future.
She was impressed by the fact that the club were on a recruitment drive within the community and was hopeful that this mission would produce an increase in membership, and at the same time, encapsulate Rotary Internationals Presidents wish for all Rotarians  to commit themselves absolutely and fully and say, "What I must do shall indeed be done."
As a result of the clubs achievement in the last Rotary Year, Roberta proudly presented Past President Roddy Shanks with Rotary Internationals Presidential Citation awarded to Clubs for their contributions to their community and international achievements.  
Two additional guests attended the Club lunch namely Chris Beazley from Clifton, Queensland, Australia and Colin Leeson who was a special guest of the club as a way of saying thank you to him for his work in making a new Lectern for the Club meetings

Press Release 26/06/11
The Presidential changeover of East Kilbride Rotary Club Presidents took place on the 24th of June at the Holiday Inn, East Kilbride, when the outgoing President Roddy Shanks remitted office to incoming President Leslie Irvine, but prior to handing the reins over President Roddy had two important tasks to perform by presenting Paul Harris Fellowships to one non Rotarian, and one Rotarian the non Rotarian was Malcolm Clark for his contribution to the Rotary Foundation this contribution would be used to benefit the under privileged in the third world and further Rotary Internationals Polio Plus campaign. Rotarian Past President Andrew Ferguson, a club member for the past 17 years who during his period of membership, has held various posts within the club, but most importantly his involvement in Rotary work helped to raise a considerable amount of money for Rotary Foundation. Both recipients were overawed by their awards. The presentation was preceded by a well presented meal at the Holiday inn with the 52 people present.

During the Rotary year that runs July to June President Roddy Shanks had a preferred charity namely Multiple Sclerosis(Scotland) and he announced that the club would be sending £2000.00 to that charity. After this announcement The outgoing president relinquished his chain of office to the clubs new President Leslie Irvine


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