East Kilbride Rotary Club
There is very little recorded pictures or written evidence with regards to Presidential Changeovers. It was only after some research that evidence revealed the lack of information available.

Hopefully this has now been corrected and in future years this will continually be recorded where at least the outgoing President is seen passing the Chain of Office to the incoming President.

If anyone out there has such pictures as below relating to our Club we will be delighted to receive copies for prosterity. Contact us by clicking here
Above, outgoing President Dr. Henry Doig hands over the running of the Club to the 25th President of the Club John Harvie for the Rotary Year 1989-90
Revd. David Taylor is seen here presenting outgoing President John McCafferty with his past Presidnts Badge after having relinquished office in 1992-93
Here we have the start of the new Rotary Year 2000-2001 and Past President Andrew Ferguson is seen handing over to incoming President Alan Rae
1994-95 seen Past president Andrew McLaren remitting office and President for the new Rotary Year Edwin Robertson taking over the reins
Historical Changeovers
1997-98 Revd.Father John Givens places the Chain of Office onto the broad shoulders of incoming President Barclay Wales