Our first Past Presidents dinner was held in the Torrance Hotel back in the Rotary year 1995-96 and has been held on an annual basis ever since. The venue for the event  has changed on a further two occasions and we are currently dining at Peters Seafood restuarant in East Kilbride

Back in 1994-95, Andrew McLaren was the then Immediate Past President and President Edwin Robertson agreed that there were enough Past Presidents to justify a Past Presidents Dinner being introduced into our Rotary calendar.

Bob Jardine took the chair July 1995 & accepted in principle that the introduction of a Past Presidents Dinner could be introduced in his year. On the February of 1996 the first Past Presidents Dinner was held and Past President Edwin Robertson chaired that meeting.

The President for year 1995-96 was not in attendance as he at that stage was not a Past President, but at the dinner that evening it was agreed that the President of the Club should be invited to the dinner as a guest in future years.       

Edwin A. Robertson  11th. February 2005
Picture Record 2009
Here we have a record of our

Past Presidents Annual Dinner

2009  14th Past President's Dinner
Dinner proceeded in the normal formal (informal) manner on the 6th of April, when sixteen plus one president met. Our meeting was chaired by our immediate Past President John Cardno (2007-08), with the following Past Presidents being in attendance:-  Douglas  Kilpatrick (2004-05), Barclay Wales (1997-1998), Edwin Robertson (1994-95), Liam Donnelly (2005-06), Ian Wiseman (1998-99), Andrew Ferguson (1999-2000), Tom Wilson (2001-02), Bob Jardine (1995-96), Ian Macpherson (1984-85), David Taylor (1992-93), David McNidder (1987-88) Jim Anderson (2003-04), Alan Rae (2000-01), Henry Doig (1988-89). Special guest for the evening Club President Frank McLuskey (2008-09). Special mention must be made by the attendance of 90 year old Past President and Paul Harris Fellow Bob Duncan(1985-86) who was in fine form.

Apologies came from Barry Wood(2002-03), Jim Moretti (2006-07), Gordon McNay (1970-71). Peters Seafood Restuarant once again was our venue and they provided a superb meal.
Wine for the evening was provided by Past Presidents Douglas Kilpatrick and  Liam Donnelly with the Port being supplied by chairman John Cardno, our guest for the evening President Frank McLuskey presented the liqueurs.

Photographs by Andrew Ferguson
East Kilbride Rotary Club
2010 15th Past Presidents Dinner

Twenty 20 Past Presidents registered to attend this years dinner at Peters Grill and Seafood restaurant but unfortunately we had 2 call offs due to the the Icelandic volcano eruption, 4 due to illness leaving only those listed below who attended.

IPP Frank McLuskey(2008-09), Past Presidents John Cardno (2007-08), Edwin Robertson (1994-95), Andrew Ferguson (1999-2000), Tom Wilson (2001-02),  Ian Macpherson (1984-85),  David McNidder (1987-88), Jim Anderson (2003-04), Alan Rae (2000-01),John McCafferty (1991-92), Barry Wood(2002-03), Jim Moretti (2006-07), Henry Doig (1988-89). Special guest for the evening Club President Ray Porrelli.

Chairman for the evening was our Immediate Past President Frank McLuskey
The evening came to a close with a little bit of community singing led of course by  Past President Ian Macpherson who was in fine voice after his recent hip operation. All in all another successful evening.

The Past Presidents raised 110 for Rotary Foundation

Apologies from Douglas Kilpatrick, Bob Jardine, Barclay Wales, Liam Donnelly, Iain Wiseman, David Taylor Bob Duncan and Gordon McNay

Pictures by Andrew Ferguson & Edwin Robertson

Picture record 2010

Picture record 2011
17 Past Presidents in attendance with the format of good cuisine, good company and a trip down memory lane. The Past Presidents special guest for the evening was current Club President Roddy Shanks,  Past Presidents in  attendance  were.
Ian Macpherson 1984-85, David McNidder 1987-88, Henry Doig 1988-89, John McCafferty 1991-92, David Taylor 1992-93, Edwin Robertson 1994-95, Bob Jardine 1995-96, Barclay Wales1997-98, Iain Wiseman 1998-99 Andrew Ferguson 1999-00, Barry Wood 2002-03, Jim Anderson 2003-04, Douglas Kilpatrick 2004-05, John Cardno2007-08, Frank McLuskey 2008-09,Ray Porrelli 2009-10

The dinner was held on the 18th April in Peters Seafood & Grill where they were given excellent service once again by the proprietors Judy & Gavin Lee. The proceedings started at 7.45pm. Past President Ray Porrelli chaired the dinner sticking rigidly to the agenda. Apologies were received from Bob Duncan, Gordon McNay, Liam Donnelly and Alan Ray.  Wine for the evening was provided by Barclay Wales and Frank McLuskey, Port by Ray Porrelli and President Roddy Shanks provided liqueurs.

Pictures by Andrew Ferguson & Edwin Robertson