Our Club

Prior to 1964 no Rotary Club existed in East Kilbride. Basically because a new town had been born after the second world war out of the village of East Kilbride. Strathaven another village near to East Kilbride had its own Rotary Club formed from the Rotary Club of Hamilton. By the mid sixties the population in East Kilbride had exploded such that a Rotary Club could be sustained. Gentlemen interested -no ladies though! - were invited by Bob Park from the Strathaven Rotary Club to attend the weekly Friday luncheon meetings, where Bob Park explained and commented upon the Aims of Rotary and what was expected of a Rotarian.

The late Norman Tait, Rector of Duncanrig Secondary School, the first Senior Secondary school to be built in East Kilbride, became Interim President of the new Club and by April, 1965, the club received their Charter from Rotary International representative Alex C.French. Norman Tait became the first official Club President. Membership of the Club was 29.
Below, we have links that will take you to predefined years in our history giving you a brief account of what was done in each year. Please feel free to access them.

East Kilbride Rotary Club
The comments for each year that the Club has been in existance have came by word of mouth and old Club minutes. The source  and contents of these minutes did not always reveal the work done by the Club in the earlier years