East Kilbride Rotary Club

13/010/17 speaker Jean Innes from  "Social Enterprise" Awaiting report and picture

East Kilbride Rotary Club were taken a visit down memory lane at their meeting on Friday 27th October. The speaker was Max Flemish from Darvel Telephone Museum. Max set out the development and history of the telephone over the last 100 years. The introduction of Morse Code allowed sound to be used to send messages and this was the beginning. From there the telephone handset was developed early on, these being quite large and certainly not very easy to move around. If you made a call you were first connected to an operator at the switchboard who may have had to transfer you to another switchboard to move your call on to its destination, many people were employed  doing this. The invention of the wireless meant that there was now no need for wires. Satelites were then used to bounce sound off and send messages. The Post Office Tower in London was able send messages around London to a maximum of 40 miles. Max then talked about the range of early telephones that he had brought along ,some of which members could remember using. The vote of thanks  was carried out by Honorary Member Edwin Robertson who had many memories having worked in the industry.