Inaugeral 1964
Chartered 1965
Charter number 999 
Robert Duncan
Robert Duncan died on the 28th of July 2012 a Rotarian of 47 years standing, Past President of two Rotary Clubs namely Bellshill Rotary Club and East Kilbride Rotary Club  a Paul Harris Fellow awardee a man who seen many changes during his life time.
Bob Duncan was one of a group of survivors who are few and far between in their ability to explain explicitly, and without default; the factual information of an interesting, if not unwanted experience of becoming a Prisoner of War at the early part of the second world war.
Bob raised raised in Aberdeenshire, where he came from a family who for seven generations had made their living from the sea. His Grandfather started a business with two boats and a small curing business, so he grew up really being an integral part of the fishing community.
Bob and his brothers were fortunate in that they were bright at school; as a result of this their father did not want them to make their lively hood from the sea.
After his school days Bob was accepted as a indentured apprentice by a company known as C.S & E and eventually became a Civil Engineer.   
Conscripted in October of 1939 and became a Gordon Highlander. As a member of the  British Expeditionary Force  stationed along at the Belgium border Unfortunately his group were captured and remained prisoners of war for the remainder of the war

He married Nessie on the 30th of June 1948, by 1951 he had passed parts 1 & 2 of the Institution of Civil Engineers and in 1953 he became a member of the Institution. This was seven years later than it should have been had it not been for the war.
Bob as he was known was a man of the community and served his community well as a Rotarian of 47 years He was a devout Christain and member of East Kilbride Congregational Church where he and his wife were regular attenders