Georgw Ferguson
Inaugeral 1964
Chartered 1965
Charter number 999 

George, in many ways represented a good Rotarian to a "T" in that within a very short space of time of joining on the 21st June 1996 he was in there, supporting charity collections and supporting all aspects of the clubs activities.

When he served on council he was an active contributor in discussions.

George participated in the clubs contribution to East Kilbride Talking Book Club, Past President several times at the East Kilbride Speakers club, acted as a judge for the clubs Burns competitions and encouraged youngsters in public speaking. George spent 2 years with the marines during his national service, but the adventure and the stories have lasted a lifetime,

For the last 10 years George suffered from a very rare form of skin cancer and diabetes.  He bore this illnesses with great fortitude and dignity.  He rarely complained about what life had dealt him, in fact, he was generally more interested in how others were doing.                                                                     
Between treatments he got on with life as best he could and until he was hospitalised still attended Rotary meetings and events, went to his Speaker's club and recorded articles for the blind.
Courage, Integrity and Determination against the odds would be a good summation of the quiet man Rotarian George Ferguson who always worked to be the best at what he did and as all who knew him would say, he was a really good story teller.