East Kilbride Rotary Club
10/11/17 Members of the Rotary Club of East Kilbride heard a very interesting talk by Carlton Murphy, a qualified pilot and sky diver with over 1000 jumps to his credit.  He showed the helmet he wears during jumps with both still and video cameras, and explained that this was identical to the helmets worn during the filming of the James Bond movies.  He outlined the history of parachute design, with the current square design allowing extreme accuracy when landing.  He showed two short videos, one from the cabin of the Cessna 206 aircraft showing the divers leaving the aircraft and the second taken from outside.
He then produced a parachute and demonstrated how the primary chute deployed, followed by the reserve should the primary fail to deploy.  A sincere vote of thanks was given by Ian McPherson.

The photograph shows President Elect Charles Devennie, Carlton Murphy and visiting Rotarian Bear Williams from Sacramento, California.

17/11/17 Members of the Rotary Club of East Kilbride heard a very interesting presentation by Sandra Nash, a pharmacist who works in the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh.  The title of her talk was "The role of the pharmacist in healthcare."  She explained that to qualify as a pharmacist involved a 4 or 5 year degree course followed by 1 year training in practice.  Pharmacists can work in 4 main roles, Industrial, Primary Care, Hospitals or community (the retail "chemist").  She outlined the problems faced in hospitals dealing with in-patients, out-patients and patients who are about to be discharged.  There are significant problems with patients who are on a large number of drugs, and problems in follow up once patients have been discharged.  After a lively question and answer session, the vote of thanks was given by president elect Charles Devennie.

The photograph shows Sandra with Club President Leslie Irvine. 

Reserved for Carolyn Kean who spoke to the club on th 24/11/17