East Kilbride Rotary Club support
"Let us Shine"
we would like to thank the following Rotary Clubs also for their support
Eastwood, Barrhead, Rutherglen, Strathaven, Kittoch.
Cambuslang, Paisley Callants, Stranraer and Glasgow Rotaract.
As a result of Past President Barry Wood not having had his haircut fot the past 12 months Barry has been very succesful in gathering over 13000 from various sources and as a result of this Let us Shine and The Ruth Memorial Orphanage will benefit. Here we have Fiona Marra accepting a cheque from Barry Wood for the amount of 4750. 
The more Rotarians or Rotary Clubs from District 1230 who can become involved means we can go for more help from RI please consider getting your club involved. If you can help please contact East Kilbride Rotary Club

Josephine then spent the next five year working, initially on a pepper farm, and for the last three in a quarry near Accra, trying to earn enough money to continue her education. However she was only able to save enough during this entire period for three months of education.
In desperation Josephine travelled 16 hours by bus back to her father's home in Kpandai to see if he would help her. He turned her away telling her to get married and open a market stall.
At this point Josephine heard about a charity called Let Us Shine who were working in Kpandai and they agreed to help her, funding her secondary education in Accra, where she is doing well and progressing in her aim to become a lawyer.
Josephine has called the Rotarian bear Confidence, and he sits on her desk when she is doing her homework. His presence reminds her of the generosity of his fellow Rotarians in Scotland who support Let Us Shine, and he gives her the "confidence" that her future is secure for the first time in her life.
Confidence reminds Josephine that Rotarians have "Made Her Dream Real"........The End.

One day in November 2008 three bears set off on a long journey from Scotland to Ghana. When they arrived, one of them, a special breed of Rotarian bear, was adopted by a girl called Josephine who is studying at St Peter's Secondary School in Accra thanks to a charity called Let Us Shine  Josephine is 19, but has had a hard life, having had to leave school when she was 14, when her mother could no longer afford the fees.

At the start of 2009 the Pupil Council of Blacklaw Primary School decided to
organise a collection of pencils for the girls of the "Let Us Shine" Academy
in Kpandai (Pandeye), Ghana. This followed the donation last year of the
books from the library in their old building, and maintains the link that was
developed after the founder of the charity, East Kilbride pharmacist Fiona
Marra, spoke to the school in September.

The books now proudly sit on the shelves of the school library in Kpandai and are well read by the girls, who will now also benefit from the amazing donation of over 1300 pencils handed in by the Blacklaw pupils. The pencils were recently presented in specially decorated boxes to Grace Dzandza, the Manager of "Let Us Shine" in Ghana, during a school assembly at Blacklaw.

Grace was astounded by the size of the donation which means each of the 92 girls at Kpandai could have enough pencils to last them throughout their schooling. Some of the pencils will also fit nicely into their new pencil cases, which were generously donated by Anne Paterson and her friends from Whitehills, and were given to each of the girls at Christmas.

Rotarian George McGraw and secretary of East Kilbride Rotary Club was also on hand to thank the Blacklaw pupils for their amazing generosity and briefly update them on the progress at Kpandai, which included the installation of a water supply and a start to the new dormitory building, which has been funded by a donation of 6750 from East Kilbride Rotary Club.

The Blacklaw pupils can now look forward to receipt of some drawings and cards from the Kpandai girls, drawn and written, of course, with their new pencils.

You can help by clickng their web site here       letusshine.org
East Kilbride Rotary Club