East Kilbride Rotary Club
Our speakers over the summer months are normally our own members who give a 4 minute waffle this was started off this year 2015 by our (1998-99) President Ian Wiseman
Another Club Waffler Edwin Robertson
on the 8th of July 2016
Edwin did not say a lot, instead used his time to display using a powerpoint presentation plus a liitle conversation on the achievments of the club over the year 2015-16 that proved yet again to be a successful one for the Club.
Over the past 10 years 51 Years of the clubs history has been recorded on Powerpoint presentations by Edwin.
Waffler Poet
Although Alan Jenkinson has recited this poem on many occasions the members always look forward to hearing it once more.

Marriott Edgar was born in Kirkcubright and many of his monologues were performed by actor Stanley Holloway. Strangely although written by a Scotsman "The Lion and Albert" sounds as if it was composed to be recited in the Yorkshire accent.

Vote of thanks on behalf of those in attendance was given by Charles Devennie
Ian Wiseman volunteered as speaker at East Kilbride Rotary Club's first Monday evening dinner meeting with the sequel of his talk on his summer in Springburn in 1956 and his progressing from imp and rascal to scallywag and rogue.

In the autumn of 1957 his Ma and Da were given keys to a newly built flat at 229 Castlemilk Drive in what was known at the time as the Township of East Kilbride