Hugh Begg
David Munn
James Brown
Norman Tait
1969 Membership started with 45 gained 2 lost 5 ending year with 42. Theme for the Year “Review and renew.” 

President John S.G.Clark a surgeon at the local hospital received The "Rhu” Trophy on behalf of the  club from John Sergeant for an annual  golf competition.

Widow & Children's Cumnock outing costs now £92.0.0. Club

Accounts as of the month November 1969 were:
General Fund £163 Presidents Fund £126.00, £25.00 R.N.L.I. and  £25.00 to Pakistan appeal.
School leavers day initiated.

Ranfurly Library appeal started, each member to donate 12  books plus 6/- or 12/-if no books were available.

1968 Membership started with 44, Gained 6, lost 5, ended year with 45. Theme for the Year "Participate" 

Christmas outing for Widows and Children to the carnival at the Kelvin Hall with a limit of £75.0.0.

Curling and Golf activities were also coming to fore.

Visitations to other clubs were becoming a regular event.

Directory of members in booklet form to be considered for each member of the Club.

Golf Tournament James Taylor Salver  Competition has been running now for three years winners to date are James Taylor, Alex McWilliam, James Neilson William McGrady & Tom Jack( Jointly)

1967 Membership started with 34, gained 14, lost 4, ending year with 44. Theme for the year “Make Rotary Membership Effective”

Under President David Munn the Club enjoyed a good year with success at a well organised Club dance and another at a Burns Lunch that saw foreign visitors from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Nigeria attending.

Town Twinning Link being initiated with Ballerup to look at twinning with  the Rotary club in Ballerup, Denmark 
First Widows & Children’s Outing held  the response was high and if the budgeted cost exceeded £100.00 excess monies would be diverted from the Presidents fund.

1966 Membership started with 33, gained 5, lost 4, ending year with 34. Theme for the Year  “ A Better World through Rotary” 

President for the Year was Hugh Begg the local Blacksmith. Club mustered support to provide 50 Christmas food parcels for the elderly within the town.

Club held a dance that managed to put £13.3.0 into the Benevolent fund.
Members still transporting polio victim into Glasgow Polio Club.

First ladies day held, cost per person 10/-.

A vote would taken to see if this years Burns Supper should be an all male event, however only 18 members attended and an overall loss was made by holding the event.

1965 1965 President of the year was Norman Tait who was the Principle Head at Duncanrig High School. The Club opened with a membership of 29 in its inaugural period.

Membership started this year with 27, gained 7, lost 1, ending year with 33 .Theme for the Year “Action, Consolidation, Community” 
Four members and their wives attended the District Conference.

The club formed a Rota to transport a polio victim to a special club for the disabled  in Glasgow every week.
The comments for each year that the Club has been in existance have came by word of mouth and old Club minutes. The source  and contents of these minutes did not always reveal the work done by the Club in the earlier years
John S.G. Clark

East Kilbride Rotary Club