30th June 2017

8th September 2017
Golf AM/AM
9th September 2017
Roddy & Kaths Garden Party
20th October 2017
Special General Meeting
26th October 2017
Youth Speaks Competition

10th November 2017
Rememberance  Lunch

8th December 2017
Senior Schools Lunch

19th January 2018
Youth Speaks Winners Lunch

26th January 2018
Burns Lunch

4th february 2018

23rd February2018
Annual Dance

25th February 2018
District Senior Youth Speaks

26th March 2018
Past Presidents Dinner

6th Apr  until 13th April 2018
The World Rotary Curling Championships

25th May 2018
Club Assembly

8th June 2018
Apprentice of the Year

29th June 2018
Presidential Handover

East Kilbride Rotary Club