Our Club pennant has been designed using symbols taken from the Coat of Arms granted to our town back in 1975 the exact date was the 24th of June.

The chequered Blue and White and Black and White represents the two Clans that are historicaly linked to the local area namely the Stewarts of Torrance and  Maxwell of Calderwood

The Cross is the symbol of St. Bride, after whom the town is named. The two stars are taken from the arms of the Lindsays of Dunrod. The Oystercatcher is the symbol of St. Bride who was famed as the ornithologist
of the era. The colours at the base of the shield symbolise wealth (gold) and agriculture (green).

The Word Scotland is there because we are proud to be a Scottish Rotary Club associated to Rotary International hence the Rotary Wheel.

Our Club have a collection of pennants that we were unable to display but now with the advantage of being on the WEB we can make them available to everyone by a click on the banner number & off you go.
East Kilbride Rotary Club
Access to our Club pennants can be made by clicking on to the banner table at the side.
All of these Rotary Club pennants were put together by Mrs Nancy Cook wife of a Past President of the Club Gordon Cook(1990-91).