East Kilbride Rotary Club
Without the use of any notes or aids Anna Clements presented to the members of East Kilbride Rotary Club at our Friday lunch a clear, spellbinding and thought provoking talk on the issues encountered by Alzheimer and Dementia sufferers and their carers. Accompanied with her colleague Audrey Bremner, Anna's opening stark comment is the fact there are 90,000 people diagnosed with Dementia in Scotland, approximately 30,000 males and 60,000 females. The number in South Lanarkshire is 6,000 and worryingly these are only the people who have been diagnosed. Anna and Audrey are the South Lanarkshire representatives for Alzheimer Scotland's Dementia Advisors who support people with dementia, their partners, families and carers. Despite working long hours and making themselves available at any time with support, help and advice the advisors still find the time to develop and research for other ways of integrating dementia suffers back into community life. Project Dementia Friends launched recently is where anyone of any age learns about what is like to live with dementia, become a dementia friend and become involved in talking and discussion sessions. There are now over 26,000 dementia friends. Other initiatives are a Dementia Friendly Community piloted in Motherwell in 2012, Football reminiscence groups, Carers reference groups, 6 memory cafes in South Lanarkshire one of which is in the Bruce Hotel. A very interesting observation is the increase in Hotel friends. Some hotels understand the issues and have made significant changes to assist people with dementia such as clearer signs, additional signs , black table cloths as white table cloths with white crockery can confuse someone affected by dementia and if informed will cut their meat in the kitchen prior to serving. Giving the vote of thanks, Rotarian Liam Donnelly remarked on the level, quality and quantity of work the advisors do in making sure nobody faces dementia alone, thanking Anna and Audrey for taking time out of their extremely busy diary to enlighten the members on the invaluable and much needed work being carried out in the community by dementia advisors.
Steve Bearne, chairman of Glasgow n South Group of Advanced Motorists and Motorcyclists, spoke to the members of East Kilbride Rotary Club on  the 19th of september 2016 ohow his organisation wants drivers to develop their skills and get more from driving.                                               
Their logo is IAM RoadSmart and to be road smart sign up for an Advanced Driver course, costing 149, for which you will be taken out by a qualified expert who will observe the way you drive. This will be followed by courses over a period of 3 to 6 months before you progress to your test. To pass the test you will need to demonstrate your new skills, ability to deal with unpredictable roads, other road users and a variety of hazards. Some of Steve's statistics were quite alarming and certainly prompted some of the Rotarians to consider registering for the course