Frank McLuskey
This is our annual let your hair down time for the  Rotary year 2008-09. when we relax and enjoy the the atmosphere and each others company.
Here we have the event recorded in pictures where you will see us learning how to Rock & Roll
The venue for the event was the Bruce Hotel East Kilbride. Barry Wood was presented with a Paul Harris Fellowship by the Club.
East Kilbride Rotary Club
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Picture 1 here we have President Frank
              saying a few
             words to those attending our
              Annual Dance
             he fact he was telling everyone
              he will do it "MY WAY"

Picture 2  John Cardno's table with his

Picture 3 What did Past President John
              Cardno say to upset Past
              President Andrew Ferguson!!

Picture 4 Our newest Rotarian John Morning and his
              wife Elaine

Picture 5 Rotarian Ben Miloudi  and his wife Linda

Picture 6 President Frank tries to keep the Helen &
               Past President Barclay Wales in order

Picture 7 President Frank and his good & patient wife Isobel haveing a quiet moment to themselves

Picture 8 What ever Moira Porrelli is up to no one knows

Picture 9 See that Moira Porrelli is up to her old tricks again 

Picture10 Past President Barry Wood and his wife show how it should be done

Picture11 Past President Andrew Ferguson gives support to his lovely wife Lynda during one of the more strenuous dances                        

Picture 12  Presentation of Paul Harris Fellowship to Barry Wood

Picture 13  Who says Rotarians can't dance!!